If you or someone you know believe that we are in the end of times, this conversation is for you!

Note: [This writing is an ‘anejo’ of:
Goin in… the Genesis of a ‘Geo/Neuro Experience-Ment’! (Introduction)]

– When I ask my dear friend and collaborator Siri from OS and Apple Developers, the definition of Anarchy she describe it as:

‘a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority or other controlling systems’

Siri said:

An absence of authority, a nonrecognition of any authority or system of control.

Now ask yourself: How do you call that in Biology?!
We call that mutation, what happen when any cell in your body start reproducing with any absence of control?!

A cancer is born…

‘Let me present to you some simple ideas from another angle… Let’s believe for a moment that you have been reading me and you are specially smart, to see the hidden message on the left and right corners of any of this ideas or believes’.

Let’s explain the difference between believing and knowing.

I believe I have the power, the will and the knowledge to make a logical prediction that have the educational tools to improve our changes from moving the believes system from War to Peace, from hate/fear to love/compassion in a systematic way before the decade is out.”

Knowing is the realization that we have to act ‘now’!

Look around you…

Pay attention to the unseeing details of life before, during and after this Pandemonium of Covid-19. The other day in the memories of millions, the more or less superhero for many; Will Smith lost control in the Oscars Night 2022.

The Anarchy is everywhere!

If you want to find peace from all the madness around you you have to go in. From the war that Ukraine and Russia are physically fighting now, to the mental war between China 🇨🇳 and Taiwan 🇹🇼, the LGBT ⚧ community, Atheus vs Christians… and all others wars around you and me… if you want to find peace you have to ‘go in’.

Anxiety vs goin in!

If you remember at the beginning of the pandemia 😷 we experience a lockdown, in that moment we were not able to go out; so the best way was to was ‘in’ or for many to explode 🤯 creating the fertile ground for todays Anarchy.

Ask yourself; Who wants to lose control during a crisis?

I don’t believe in the end time or that the Doom Day is nearby; but I do understand that when many people act in disorder is easy for any organization to Weaponize the mases.

What you need to understand is that the fear of millions add up to everything else… this fear of hunger around the planet by the end of this year could become real if we let it happen at least in the mind of millions.

What I am pointing out is that regardless of what could happen we can always be ready when you train your minds to ‘Go In’.

‘Going in’ gives you the power to always be in control of your emotions!

Regardless of what you believe and what you know; this writing in particular, is an invitation for you to make a decision. To move away from the masses, the anarchy, and make your life count.


Remember, Choice is a word that implies options and freedom. You and i are always free to believe, to have ‘hope’, but hope alone is not enough…

Action is alway required!

(read more about AI).
July 6th!

My name is Hansell, i AM a theoretical thinker and a HYPNO-therapies. I am currently working on my Best Seller book ‘Searching for the Nirvana’ or ‘Searching for Happiness’; that will be publish this 2022 on July. The 7 month; on the 6th day to celebrate the birth of two influencer Man in my life. The Dali Lama or better know to me as
V. Gyalwa Rinpoche who will be 83 and my Grandchild Zayden Ilay who will be 7 month old this July 6th. He may be just a baby but he is already the person that inspired me the most to have ‘Hope’.