July 6th!

My name is Hansell, i AM a theoretical thinker and a HYPNO-therapies. I am currently working on my Best Seller book ‘Searching for the Nirvana’ or ‘Searching for Happiness’; that will be publish this 2022 on July. The 7 month; on the 6th day to celebrate the birth of two influencer Man in my life. The Dali Lama or better know to me as
V. Gyalwa Rinpoche who will be 83 and my Grandchild Zayden Ilay who will be 7 month old this July 6th. He may be just a baby but he is already the person that inspired me the most to have ‘Hope’.


As the character Morpheus from the movie Matrix, once wisely said.

-Unfortunately we are running out of time.

Between today and the publication day many things have to happen if we want to start this experience-ment of ‘Going In’ that I want you to be part of it, regardless of where you are on the planet or what ‘diáspora’ you belong to. As humanity move away from the 1st Pandemonium of the 21st Century, the Covid-19 and everything else, we faced that millions have this Apocalyptic fears; for them the Doom Day is in the next wave of events. Right now the mass are speaking of hunger for this Christmas 2022, madness is in the air my friend!

For this reason, I needed to stop my writings and invite you to reason, to the Order!

I propose to see this fear as one of many, on the other hand lets all remember that we are in the ‘Era of Dis-Information’.

In the past, I wrote about A.I., PsyOp and I have been inviting you to make yourself the Big Question:
Is this fears real or imaginary? What are the basis of this fears? How do they add or subtract value to your life or mine? This are small question that hold the power to set you free from your own fears…

From the social point of view individual fear add up and become collective fears. The problem become when many are screaming to reason.

I am writing this wonderful book to inspire you to have hope in the meantime Videre Volo… Videro Volo, latin (for I want to see!) You and I don’t want to believe a lie, neither wants to ignore the truth, people like us… Wants to know!

But how can we know if a believe is real or imaginary?…

For this reason I invite you to see this fears based on reason, information, data, ethics and science.

I don’t know what you think about the Social Anarchy in todays society but I am inviting you to let go the fears, worries and move to action. I have a publication day and a social experiment that is also a ‘experience-ment’ that you can be part of.

‘Geo-Neuro Experience-Ment’

Is the design and implementation of an experiment to see and measure how our brains self trigger ‘neuro-plasticity’, using silence, isolation from the electromagnetic earth fell, super food practice and meditation.

Simple isn’t!

This writing is around the tools and techniques that I am revealing and developing in my quest to reach Nirvana and ‘our search for happiness’.  For this ideas to make sense to your left and right side of your brain 🧠 will be easier if I describe it like this: 

“If Neuro-Sciences reveal the nuts and bolts of your brain, hypno/visualization gives you the tools to de-program and re-program your own brain”.

This writing is an invitation for you to follow me around the development of this story’s, regardless on how you can be part of it.

6th of this July/2022

Is my publication goal for my 1st book 📚 that i still writing it right now…

My editor manager Miss Colón is urging me to get back to the book and to avoid any distraction from the Blog; but i convince her to let me write about this ‘experiment’, I call ‘Going In’ for a few good reasons.

1) I believe you can help me change the world by you just been happy!

Research and experience reveal that good relation with family, friends and others are key for happiness. For this reason I invite to make this small ‘experience-ment’. Will like you to choose 3 or 6 people that you trust the most and share this with them. I want you to pay attention to who you send this to; and ask yourself:

Why do you trust this pearson?

As a Writer, as HypnoTherapies and as a Theoretical Thinker I have seen the need in peoples life to trust others. This small and apparently random assignment is for you to think; who do you trust?
But when I attach this question to a limited number of people for you to share this writing with become an experiment.

This is a good example of an Experience with a touch of an Experiment. So!, and to keep it simple. Share this writing with the people that you care and trust the most If you want to know more about the important of trust and friendship, I invite you to read 7 friends!

2) Second is to invite you to see life as a Journey!

Around 7 years ago I began to write this book 📕; in that moment the name was ‘Returning home’. Today I believe we are ‘home’; for years I tried to be the successful businessman you will see in the life of Leonardo, one of the main characters on ‘Searching for the Nirvana or searching for happiness’. After my brother choose not to continue on the surface of this planet 🌎 around 10 years ago. I experienced the mother of the deconstructions, today I am convinced that this book will never be complete if I continue to look for the illusion of perfection. As my friend and editor Miss Colón is wisely remembering me ‘one action will create the next event’.

With in that simplicity in mind join me in this journey that somehow we are all in…

3) Going in!

‘Going in’ is an instructions I give as HypnoTherapies to help people to go deeper in their ‘self’. I also used it to protect and maintain my personal compass. I use it as a group technique to invite others to gain control over their emotions.

…but today ‘Going in!’, is attach to:
the Genesis of a ‘Geo/Neuro Experience-Ment’! (Introduction)

What do I mean by?
the Genesis of a ‘Geo/Neuro Experience-Ment’!, you should ask!

Genesis… is not just the beginning of something! The word Genesis have a ‘gen’ 🧬 built in, the word is so old in the memory of humanity that event today and somehow the emoji in the autocorrect that appears on my iPad when I write Genesis brings the ADN 🧬 icon. Maybe this is just a pure coincidence but for me is a reminder that I most remain humble. I have not discover the Gen 🧬 of Neuro-Plasticity. Humanity have been speaking about the power of ONE-NESS, Self Realization and Awakening for centuries.

I am just an apprentice:. doing my best to write you the stories and whispers in my dreams…

An small note for the benefit of your rational part of your brain 🧠 I believe in the word of Nelson Mandela, when he said: 

“If you want to change the world you need to change education”.

I believe that I have the tools 🛠 to make the world a better place this is just the genesis of one of those tools.


The French visionary and underground explorer Michel Siffre spend 2 month underground in a cave on July 1962 and another 4 month in 1972, without sunlight the perception of time de-regulate the brain from a 24 hour cycle to a 48 hour cycle.

Before the end of this year I will spend 3 days meditating 🧘‍♀️ on a cave or at least I will train to do this. I believe that I have the knowledge and the tools to find new ways to naturally and scientifically develops ways gently move the brain 🧠 to a Neuro-Plastic state.

So far science still in the early reacher on how magnets 🧲 can induce this Neuro-Plasticity or super/high learning of the brain; but I wonder if we can work together to develop new tools for learning. I believe that humanity is in the best moment of history to re-write our curse.

But how and where do we begin?

Well I propose the answer is in education, self education!


The proposal from ‘Searching the Nirvana or searching for happiness’; stands in the simplicity of life. The story telling from my hands comes with an invitation to used the power of your imagination to complete the unknown variable and error that data and science can not give nor explain.

The term ‘Experience-Ment’ are two words or ideas/concept/result that I glue together to create a new idea/concept or believe.

Francisco Quiñones a Tau Monk, a Brother:., and a mentor once told me something like this:

-If you have to choose between the science and the method, always choose the method.

…and I add: ‘The scientist and the believers have confuse the data with the dogma and dogma with the data.’

Goin in!

Is my 1st 🥇 formal ‘social experiment’ for you to be part of it, you need to be invited or take action:

1) Be invited!
A 6° is a believe that everyone is somehow, interconnected to everyone else on the planet; I will like to test this believe! There is a list of scientist, thinkers and visionaries in the e-mail.

Help me get to them for you to feel the power of ‘Hope’!

If you receive this link by e-mail, your invitation is under the 6° and you could be invited to special events like:
a) Tatoo kNight, or Night of Mystery where Receivers and Givers share the memories that bring ‘the ones’ together.
b) Closed door conversation or corporates events.
c) Going in, retreats
e) Special invitation to contribute or to receive.

2) Take action!
Because this is a ‘multi level social experiment’ and you have the power to choose. You can choose to be an observer or to be part of the experiment, by creating your ‘experience-ment’.

If you will like to know more about corporate seminar or how you can certified yourself/company in ‘V-Marketing/Sistema-V’ or theme retreats you can send us a letter telling us something about yourself or the theme you represent.

We value freedom and happiness, so fell free to tell us why you have ‘Hope’ or what is your definition for happiness. Please tell me something about your country, maybe the story of the paper or the mail stamp on the envelop.

You can send your letter (resume or proposal) to:

Searching for happiness
P O Box 2912
Mayagüez, PR 00681