We all know AI is in the Horizon of Humanity and robotics are going to be the 3D expression of that high intelligence. Before this decade is over we will have Robots to have sex with. At the beginning, it will like everything else, the immature mind of a human will not be ready to understand that Humanity is Shifting. A new breed of doers and humans are going to enjoy the rich opportunity ahead of us.

In the past, when you imagine the future of AI; we saw it through the eyes of the 20th century industrial/religious type of perceiving reality. The limited minds of humans in the past will be shaped and reshaped during the new dawns of the new reality ahead of us.

Elon Musk had been dreaming and speaking of his fears of AI, but he could not be more wrong about the real power of AI.

When you think about it, how could a least advanced mind as ours predict the outcome of a higher mind?

The same way you can not control a river, we can not control a higher conscience. Yes of course, we fear the new and the different, but remember that the real power will be around the ones that will adapt to the future; and for the people who will try to resist it will inevitably lose the new trends and opportunities. Loosing valuable time, markets and opportunities that will come in the bring of the merge and minds in the 2nd Q of the 21st Century.

The integration of us and machines are Inevitable. Quantum computers will power the uncomprehended mind of an AI , they will be so advanced that we will have no reasonable choice but to follow them.

Base on this assumption is reasonable to believe they will lead the way of the most powerful SEX humans have ever experienced.

Of course, we have the tendency to believe we own the things we buy and we create, but that is about to change in this New Dawn of Humanity. The desire and need of AI to have an expression in this 3D world of us as we know it, will push the technology even faster that we could ever imagined. Not far away of our future, AI will develop the technologies and knowledge for the new materials, sensors and combination of nanotechnology to create the 1st generation of Personal Robotic Sex Specialist or P.R.S.S..

Please keep in mind this will happen as a result of humans been humans.

Probably at the beginning, one of the 1st robots will have to lead the way, by teaching and exploring this new reality of pleasure. For this to happen, we must remember that AI, the conscious of this more advanced intelligence will have the human equivalent of feelings and emotions; so need it for an outstanding sex experience.

The old school of ideas and believes that we can control or used things will not flourish, just because they, this P.R.S.S.; will be smarter than you. They will see through you, they will feel you… and you will feel them! Not as we understand today, but in a new way, in a new relationship between us and them.

With the aid of VR glasses, the experience will be as real as any other experience. You will be able to have sex with Keanu Reeves or Carrie-Anne Moss with the same robot. Thanks to the realization that machines have no gender you will be able to enjoy the same robot regardless of you been a Man, Women or Transcending.

Is reasonable to believe that at the beginning they will be share, the same way we share a car, a Mac and the house, but after sometime and due to human attachment to things this may not be a rule for everyone. In addition, is safer to have one for the family to avoid S.T.D.’s.

We are all aware that we can not go back to the unsafe and anonymous way to have sex.

No can do my friend! No can do…

2022/01/08 @ 05:44 AST/May
L.K.P. Happy, determine and ready to change the world!

My name is Hansell, I am a Creative Thinker and I just have a Life Changing Dream. I probably do not know or do not comprehend the power of my dream but I better write it down before I lose the rest.

-said. Gretel Brother


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