I had been thinking and meditating around this question since the end of September 2020. How can you force your Brain to move, from the old you, to the New You!?

With Kindness!

The best answer, the only answer I have found during this few months is to move your believes with Kindness. We do not like to be force by anyone or anything.

-If you know that, If you know that about yourself… Don’t you think it would make sense to used it for your advantage?!

If you have been reading me you know the story of the Oracle in the Matrix movie; when the Oracle told Neon “Know yourself… Nosce te Ipsvm”.

If you know that, you also know that you like to feel that you can choose… -You can not force yourself to be who you are not!

BUT you can invite you-self to become who you will like to come…

I had been writing ✍️ to future generations!

With this in mind, You have to remember that ideas takes time to GROW. Ideas need to be planted in your Mind… the brain 🧠 is just the hardware that store your memories of yourself, but the BRAIN is not your mind…

If you want to change, you have to change your mind!