[1,044 days before USA/PR Election Day or 2021/12/23 @ 09:22 AST/May]

We need to find a balance between what is real today and the world ahead of us. I had been afraid of ALL the fears; yours, mines and the collectively one’s as AI. For years, I used to be worried about the future and all the stupid and corrupt people around us.

In the process, my beautiful daughter decided to be a Mother, and I did realized that my fears and my worries were a believe, an idea.
Like Santa Claus is an illusion in my imagination 💭 in the Matrix of my mind!

Because is not posible to be afraid of life and have HOPE at the same time; I decide to write to the future of us… Yours and mine!

For the best version of You and the best version of Me, like if You and i were Apprentice:. that are trying to escape this Bad Place, this Trap, this Prison of the Mind.

You are somewhere on this small planet reading me, probably in a city and I am a writer who wants to inspire millions to have hope and faith and to make the most of the time you have left.

[1,040 days before USA/PR Election Day or 2021/12/27 @ 08:39 AST/May]

So! Let’s make every day count, starting now by using the
Power of Imagination!

I am a Neuro-Marketing specialist or so I like to believe. I have a private practice for people who wants to move from dreaming the perfect life to the ones who enjoy life. I am using the experience I gained as a Teorical Thinker to write ✍️ stories that can inspire you regardless of where you are during this Great Shift from the OLD system to this New Dawn.

I am a hypnotherapist and i know by science 🧬 and experience that you will remember-me better if I tell you a story. You will move from where you are in your life to where you want to be; if I describe to you ideas using your 5 Senses, the five mountains 🏔 … and we are going to star with Smell!

For you, to have a motivation on your mind of why you want to pay attention to the smells around you; I am going to pin 📍, point some benefits.

  • Sick people smell different from health people. Being able to smell the sick 😷 from the healthy ones give you an advantage!
    You can avoid or help the person, based on what need to be done for you and your community. Please remember and keep in mind that not everyone can be safe, not everyone deserve to be safe, not everyone desire your help. Knowing the difference will help you do the most of what you have! (please read the 7 friends)!
  • Did you know that when a person lie, their body warms, increase the blood pressure, produce a kick of Cortisol (the stress hormone). This process change the smell of the person. Did you know you can develop and train your brain 🧠 to smell a liar?!.

    Remember to choose wisely who you Trust!
  • Safety and security! We all know that in case of a fire 🔥 smell is a key element for you to increase your chances of survive. This is also truth for chemical and bio-hazard ⚠️ .

Having saying this:

I have been walking 🚶 and running 🏃‍♂️ all around this beautiful city of Mayagüez; in the process I have been thinking 🤔 to write around the Smells of the city!

That sounds to me like a good title for a Blog for Runners 🏃‍♀️, what do you think?