Let’s all use the Power of Imagination 💭 and allow your reasonable side of your brain 🧠 to dance 💃🏼 with your emotional side of yourself 😃.

My name is Hansell i AM a Teorical Thinker, i AM a Hypnotherapies and i AM writing the ideas of tomorrow’s conversations. I am using Sapir-Whorh Hypothesis or Theory of Linguistic Relativity in my writings, this is why you will see some of them in English “y otros en Español”. I live in the small but Powerful Island 🏝 of Puerto Rico. In the beautiful city of Mayagüez on the Caribbean side of the Island that I rename by the name of San Juan.

This place I call home is an important part of United Stated of America 🇺🇸 for many reason that I rather explain you later. Our D.N.A. roots are mainly from 4th race, Tainos (Native Indigenous), Españoles 🇪🇸 (European), different regions from Africa and Americans. For centuries we had been the Umbilical Cord between the rest of the Americas and Europe. We all know that continents have different routes for knowledge and commerce. This small Island is one of those places and have the potential to change the Americas.

I am writing to see this happen!

On the other hand I heard rumors that your country is planing to invade Taiwan 🇹🇼 before the next USA election 🗳. At this moment we do not know if this will happen or not, but give us a time line to develop a story, that have the power to create trust and change your life in a positive way.

Regardless of who you are or where you are from, Google Analytics is telling me that I have four readers in China. So! If you are in China I am writing to you.

We are in the Dawn of a New Beginning!

At this point and regardless of the new trends we know human population is going to continue shrinking, is highly posible this will accelerate exponentially in the next 12 to 28 years. If so, poor, unhealthy and uneducated people will be amount the non-survivors or the people that will not see the New Dawn.

As we move from fuel to renewable energy from the creation of A.I., to the full used of Robotics in Health and Safety in ways that are unthinkable for us today. We need to also move from the old system of us versus them, from been right and powerful, to successfully happy. Please remember the beginning of the Pandemia 😷, and all we have learn about the real meaning of life and being alive.

Between this point in time of where we are today and the Bright Future ahead of us, many thing have to happen. One of this to develop new ways to do business, teach and learn. A transition between the current mentally of “Conquistador” of ‘I want all just for me’, to a New World Order, new balance and equilibrium have to take place. In the transition you and I have to pay attention to one fundamental question:

Who can you trust?!

I want you to think 🤔 and take this question seriously. Like if your life and your love ones depend on it. How can you trust someone when things are going very bad. Keep in mind two things:

  • Making the mistake of trusting someone who is not congruent, will cost you time, money, health and the opportunity to reach to the other side of this Great Shift.
  • Practice ‘Nosce Te Ipsvm”, in other words ‘Know your self’, pay attention to why you do or don’t do the things you do or don’t. It may sound funny but you are not perfect. We will make mistakes and you need to find them before other.

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