Hi! My name is Hansell; i AM an Apprentice in one school of knowledge. In my dream 💭, I become the most influencer writer of the 21st Century by writing creativity!

I am also a Hypno-Therapist, of so i Believe! And, I am using all my weakness as a Dyslexic/🧠/ADHD to my advantage; so pay attention to the details because the Main Ideas of my writings are Hidden from your dominant side of your brain.

What is the Geometry of an Idea or a Believe?!

I will adventure to answer this question in the next paragraph:

The Geometry Of An Idea is a new concept that can be described as a point in the collective and individual memory of a believe; keeping in mind that ideas and believes are similar but are some degrees apart. In addition, G.O.A.I. as I prefer to call it, is the complex realization of observing the origin of a Believe. Believes and Ideas are interacting in a WEB; of validation and invalidation, that have patterns and therefore geometry.

But, what I mean by this?!

Let’s use the power of imagination for you to see this easier; ideas are form in shapes for example and to keep it simple. Duality can easy be seen in ‘us versus them’, maybe the Yin and Yang ☯️ is an easy way to see it. The idea of the Trinity or the Mind, Body and Emotion (or Spirit for many) can easily be describe as a Triangle. The Oneness or One with the ALL can be easily be represented by a Sphere or a Sun. They are many others but to keep it simple we are going to start the conversation just with the basic concept, like the Lego blocks for this Gran Conversación.

Oneness, Duality and Trinity are basic forms of the Geometry of an Idea or Belive.

Basic application of this knowledge

What you believe is interacting with the believes of others. When you see the patterns, you also see the Geometry or the form of the believe, and you also see the origin of the believe.

Remember, believes are not in a fix position like an mountain, they are more like the wind around the mountain. They are formless to the naked eye, but they are there. If you will like to have a visual representation of this, you can take a look to Google Analytics, Social Media behaviors, Viruses attacks on the web and Alfa Zero; just to mention a few. You will see the behavior because they give you information, critical information; of what is happening and the new trends.

You want to apply this knowledge to your life, business or relation-ship because every small, medium or big advantage is an Advantage for your benefit and your loved ones.

What do you need to know about this?!

Reality as we knew it before this Pandemic 😷 had been reorganizing the old patterns of the Ideas and Believes than you and I grew up with are disappearing faster that ever before. Realizing that we are in front of new trends and solutions is important for all of us or You and I.
I may or may not achieve to be the most influencer writer of the 21st Century but I am making the most of what I have to inspire to see the new opportunities this Great Shift.

My invitation to you, is to be patience with this Gran Conversación; ideas are like seeds once you plant 🌱 them on your mind, you need to be there to help them grow.