To my dear 4 readers in China 🇨🇳 and all others that are not necessary my close friends, brother, sisters, cousins and special love ones. My 1st GrandChild is here. My beautiful daughter Ahisha Yakira Cintrón Marrero and his good looking Fiancée became parents and i became a Gran Papáa!!!

I told this morning to my good friend Myrna.

-If you measure me
📐, with a Happiness Measure-meter, I will go off the scale! Thats how happy i feel!

I have been writing ✍️ on this Blog for some time now and I think 💭 that I am finally realizing what I did not see at the beginning of this “Gran Conversacíon”. Last night I had this beautiful conversation with my 2nd Mother, my Aunt, my Titi Can!

For the benefit of my 4 readers in China 🇨🇳 and the ones in la Diáspora; I live on a small Island that is a USA 🇺🇸 territory in the Caribbean Sea. My Aunt is one ☝️ of millions of “Boricuas”, that had to moved away from this beautiful place. This happen many years before Instantly Global Communication (I.G.C.).

Last nigh when i call 📱 her and say: -Estas hablando con el Abuelito Hansell! , announcing her i AM a grandpa!, We had a beautiful and healing ❤️‍🩹 conversation. She describes the difference between her as a mother, and her as a Grandmother. I think I can translate her ideas and realization in this few words:

”Is not about making them the perfect kids, is about been there for them, loving them, is about been happy and enjoying each moment, each opportunity and each laugh… being a GrandMother / GrandFather is about the love and the connection, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”

I never felt this happy before, this joy, this humbleness that comes in the blessing of aging, (aging is the by product of not dying young! 😃). This feeling can not be describe without feeling gratitud.

I want to say Thanks to all my friends and love one’s for all the Congrats… it feel good to see Pagans, Christians, Jews, Mussulmans, Catholics, Buddhist and Freemasons in my Facebook account celebrating the Miracle of life!

This beautiful boy arrived to our life’s on 2021/12/06 @ 03:32 AST