…you know I have been writing ✍️ about what is ahead of us, Elon Musk and his fear of A.I., Lucifer, the meaning of the movie 🎥 Matrix in my life, the 7 friends and YOU.

Yes you! You probably have not noticed , but somehow you are influencing me.

I am not sure on how to get you out of my mind!

Did you know I had a Dream with you last night?!

You were only seventeen, but we were married, you were different on how you look today, you had a canela skin color and a “zabache” hair.
In my dream, you took me to an empty room, except of a small plant and a ceiling light. You told me the light 💡 was part of a science experiment 🔬 / 🧫 , that the research team had data from the behavior of the light. You show how did work and how was designed to move randomly in multiples points or parts of the room and the plant 🪴 was influencing the Light 💡

But how is that event posible?! How a man made object can be influenced by a simple plant 🌱 in the corner of the room…?! -i ASK in disbelieve.

You smiled 😃 to me and told me:

If one small plant, without a brain not even a heart, can somehow influence the source of her Light, can YOU imagine what you can do?!

Will you like to wake up from the Dream World!?