To whom it may concern:

My name is Hansell Marrero Valentín, I am currently and actively looking for a carrier opportunity in the Cannabis Industry here in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico or any other location on the Globe.

I am convinced that the Cannabis Industry have the potential to change the History of our beautiful Island of Puerto Rico; for this reason I invite you to see this Creative Cover Letter from a holistic point of view.

What can I offer you? Or how I believe I can add value to your company?

I have years of experience on sales, management and operation. My life have bringing me the opportunity to learn and realize the full power of V-Marketing and Listing. We all know that markets are being re-writing as we move from this pandemia to the new trends and markets. For this reason, is important for the Cannabis Industry to make the most of all the small, medium and big opportunities we have on this Island. The integration of L.E.A.N. and V-Marketing are my Compass and Square in my tool box, that I expect to share with you and the company.

I believe is important to let you know I run a Blog called, where I do my best to use my Creative Brain CREATIVELY with the intention and motivation to inspire others to have HOPE and to be the best version they can be. Every now and then I speak about my experience with medical cannabis and the benefits that brings to my life.