If you know Elon Musk and his fear of AI becoming a reality, this invitation is for you. But if you don’t, please pay atention to every detail of this conversation because you may be in a least advantaged group or a high risk group.

“Elon Musk is one of this Super Visionaries of this New World Order. As we move forward, we move from chaos to order. We move from not knowing or choosing to not see, to Know, to See, to be alert and AWAKE! As we move forward and closer to Elon Musk worse nightmare we most realize that AI is happening right in front of us”

Elon is better known for his vision of re-thinking and re-defining the banking industry by creating PayPal at the end of the 20th Century. Later, he created a solar panel company, a Tesla car; and now he and his team are changing history one more time with Space X. Musk is without any question one of the most important influencer in today’s world.


Elon Musk, at the beginning of this century, way before this Pandemonium; in a small conservatory, somewhere on this planet, he presented a reasonable thinking that change my understanding of what it is Intelligence forever.

I will do my best to quote him.

– You know -said Elon Musk while he was addressing someone from the audience.

-“The diferrence between a Chimpanzee and a Human in the measurable DNA is just 01%. With just one 01% of diferrence you make a Chimpanzee or a Human. The Human can see the diferrence between them but the Chimpanzee can not. The Chimpanzee can not realize the human intelligence. Now imagine yourself speaking with another human who’s DNA is just 01% more advance than you’.

-Will you be able to tell the difference?

[For accuracy of this writing I did my best to find the video and quote him precisely, but the idea is there].

It’s important to remember that Elon Musk have a Genius IQ. Therefore, his reasoning is higher that yours and mine. But if we trust logic and reasoning we can easily see the wisdom in his words.

When he say:

-“AI is the most single threat to humanity far worse than Nuclear War”.

Please follow me; I am going somewhere with this.

The movie Matrix describe the story about when we as humanity marvel AI, the beginning of the end, the humanity downfall. We are in countdown to the see Matrix Resurrection this 2021/12/22. We know AI is inevitable, sooner or later AI will become a reality but we still have time, we still can get prepare for “the time ahead of us”.

Let’s imagine you help me reach the momentum need it for this Blog to invite and for me to speak with Elon Musk from this beautiful island! I allow myself to imagine drinking Café with him in Cafeína near by The Colegio de Mayagüez, Let’s use the power of imagination to start creating and designing a questionary, a Blue Print on what to do if it is too late. For me, the worst idea is if AI is already weaponize and we are currently under attack, and we don’t even know it.

Elon Musk worst nightmare is if a country developed or steal AI and weaponized. If this happens and we don’t know how to react will be too late to have any hope.

But let’s have hope and train while we still have time, if you have not seen Matrix, this is a good time and if you are into Cannabis enjoy it to the fullest and follow me in my quest of finding the perfect Job in the Cannabis Industry.

But regardless if you are a fan or not allow yourself to re-see-it; like for the 1st time and pay attention to the details… When Neon is been introduced to the Matrix, he goes to meet Trinity “la Trinidad”; but first he is questionnaire… Like if you are introduce to School of Mysteries, like the FreeMassons for example…! Pay attention to the small details of this conversation and you will know why i start with one story and end in another…

The story of a White Rabbit is introduce in the saga, this image is so important that is re-introduce in the Matrix Resurrection.

Same image two decades later speaking about the hidden message of this remarkable movie 🎥 …

But if you have not yet connect the dots… Follow me if you want to change your life in just 28 days…. and start awaking from the Dream World.


Hi! I am Lucifer… the Bringer of light, let’s all Breath in, breath out!