Last night I had a weird dream where I was somewhere that I have never been before. There were a lot of people, but I knew no one. It felt like a different reality… I don’t recall much of the dream, but there was a person who spoke to us; he called himself Lucifer, a very attractive man I can tell. With him was a lady; Michelle, Mikaela, Mikael or something. She was whitely beautiful with her hazel eyes… I had never seen an Angel but I swear this dream was so vivid, so real.

The place was upside down; if you know what I mean, the colors were also different from any reality I know!

Lucifer told us that he is going to close down this place we call home, the pandemonium was part of the Transition between this side and the other.

When he say. -“You don’t deserve to be here”.

I felt sadness and shame on my heart. They are planning or going to reduce the amount of food or something like that. When I did wake up from this Dream I was not sure if this is the Dream World and the other was the reality.

Lucifer spoke about getting ready, to look up for six friends; I wonder why six, he say something like this:

– Take this seriously and choose your friends wisely, like if your life depend on it,

He spoke about making the most of the time we have left. The Dream was so real that I decide to write to you, my dear friend. I know I am kind of a Dreamer full of imperfections, but you are my friend. Maybe I do not deserve your friendship or maybe you don’t deserve mine. But here we are in a Runaway Time Machine without breaks, nor control of what is about to unfold. If I am your friend you need to know what Lucifer told me in my Dream World.

-“Sometimes when we think too much about dying we stop leaving”

I don’t know if Lucifer is real or not, may there is nothing on the other side of this reality as we know it. But this Dream somehow brought so much clarity to my life, so much wisdom. You and I now we can not escape reality, no matter the best we try, we can not be happy alone, we can not survive alone, we need to trust…


My good friend, we know there is a rough time ahead for us and I need you on my side. I am not perfect, far from it, but we are running out of time. I am not sure if we are ready to complete this journey together, but I want to tell you this…

If I have to go to Hell to find the Master Key to escape from this Bad Place that we are all trap in and I had to choose a friend that I trust, I will have to choose you as one of my Six Friends.

I tell you more… if we are in Hell and we don’t know it and somehow we have the opportunity to escape I will choose you as one of my Six Friends. Through the year you have been there for me, your honesty sometimes is not always easy to swallow, but makes me stronger. Your dedication to your love-ones speak about what you are made of. Neither of us have everything but as longer we can trust each other we have the opportunity to make this life worth living .

If you will like to read Hi! i AM Lucifer welcome to the Bad Place you will need the Password: 108