I had been searching and researching, thinking and over thinking, on the why and how. Why do we continue the current trajectory and how do we change it. I don’t understand why we don’t try something new. Makes no sense the way we are behaving is completely unreasonable and I wonder why.

Maybe it’s real all of these conspiracy theories and a elite groups of people that are trying to diminish human population, but it’s also posible that we are in pain and we are trying our best to walk away from the sadness and sorrows of our lives through ways that don’t actually lead us to happiness.
I would like to invite you to see Utopia! It’s a 2020 TV series on Amazon Prime starring John Cusack (this series is a little bloody for my taste, but it will help me out to get my point across).

We are not characters from a movie 🍿 life is real!

So far, we are almost 8 billions humans on this planet 🌎 and for the most part, the majority of us are in full automatic pilot trying to survive.

When I started this Blog I used to say; “I will change the world, one story at the time”, but the more I write the less hope I have for this to happen. This brings me to a new realization:

What am I going to do? and with WHO?

No one knows for sure how much time we have left, but we still have time to prepare for what’s about to happen. So I invite you to this “Gran Conversación” and make it your own. Please remember that we can not walk away, quitting is not an option, so let’s make this day count.

I have been giving you some ideas on how to be happy.

This may not make sense to many, but been happy embodies less consumption, along with having a healthy body and good relationships. If we stop this ‘Pursue of happiness’, you may stand a chance. Remember no one can survive or be happy alone!

I live in a small island in the Caribbean sea, in the Atlantic Ocean, and around 4 years ago we were wiped out by Huracán 🌪 María. We lost everything. it left us with no electric power, no wi-fi, no internet, no phones, no running water…simply nothing! But somehow we were happy… we were ALIVE! We can appreciate life better when we are afraid to lose it!

In the process thousands of dairy 🥛 and meat 🥩 ended up in the landfills, forcing the population to change our diet. We struggled in many areas, but in the process we rose. The resilient spirit became part of our new DNA 🧬.

Many of these ideas that I will be sharing with you come from this life changing experience.
So, I may not change the world one story at the time but you can change your life and the lives of the ones you love the most.

I will be writing around the idea of preparing and getting ready for what is to come, BUT keep in mind that in reality it’s all the same. In other words, what you you need to do “to earn your spot in this crowded world is the same as getting ready for the challenge that rises ahead of us, as well to be live a happy and sucessfull life.


Step uno: Be happy! Being alive is worth living when you are happy. Happiness will boost your immune system, will bring oxygen your brain 🧠. This is highly important and usefull to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Step two: Take care of your body! If it’s truth that food 🍱 distribution will colapse, it makes perfect sense to make your bodies more resilient, healthy, and fit. On the other side this will also help your sexual life.

Step three: Choose wisely! You need to be responsible for the people you invite in. Making mistakes on this, represents you could be working with people that will slow you down or even worse, you may waste valuable time with people that are not worth of your trust, time, and talents, who may take advantage of you and your team.

I will come back you this later, but for the moment, imagine we are in Hell, and you want to escape. Your getting out depends on the people you choose…

The question is how you can make the world better? Lleslie A. Marrero
Note on 2021/12/09 @ 11:39 AST/Mayagüez