Yes…! I know is a powerful question but you want to be remember don’t you?!

I know… i know what are you going to tell me and everything you are going through BUT, think about it?!

You remember the movie Coco?! The one that describe life on the Other Side, it’s a movie 🎥 from Disney and describe Mexican believe and culture around “el Día de los Muertos”, or the day of the dead. In the movie 🍿 you see and feel the need we all have to be REMEMBER.

We all are going to be remember, but HOW will you like to be remember is my question. I know you don’t agree or believe many of the things I do and you don’t have to. But sooner or later we ALL are going to Jump from this side of reality to the other; what ever that is…

I can not proof that is life after this one BUT we don’t have to believe in another life, to realize that everything you and I do have an eco… Maybe is like what Maximus said in the movie Gladiator “everything you do ecos in Eternity”.

-I don’t know about you but I will like to remember as a Man of Virtues, I will like to inspire millions in choosing to be the Best Version of themself… BUT i specially will like to be remember by son and daugther and by Zayden Ilay “el que crece alto”.

-I don’t know about you, but after this Pandemonium 😷 I learn one or two things about life and death… We can not scape life even if we die. BUT we are alive and we all can choose,.. Keep in mind that if you want to be remember… is easier if make sure your life count!

– I believe that everything have an ECO, for this reason take a moment to change your life, by changing the questions…

and ask you-self: