The other day I was wondering how I can make money with all of this… I know I have a very unique product that most of the people on this planet are desperately looking for.


But how do I sell this intangible?! And how do I distribute it?! Do I sale this only to the wealthy people?! To the people of power and influence?! Or maybe just the Doers and Visionaries?!

Hope 101 What it is?

For many ‘hope’ is a believe or positive attitude related to what they believe is going or about to happen, BUT in reality most of the people have hope that something unpleasant is the horizon. The origine of this word is closely link to Christianity but you will find this believe in many languages and cultures. Just because is hardware in the brains and the human desire of being well and alive.

But what it is made of?!

No one know for sure what is in it, but I imagine is something magical. Kids have a great amount of it… When we are falling in love 🥰 we also produce a great quantities of this magical glue, that some how don’t let us fall a part.

Hope is a simple word that have the power to change your life!

Hope is a believe, as simple as that, BUT is a POWERFUL believe. It’s magical and can not be destroy by any external influence. We all now that we are ‘Shifting’ to a new reality. It is literally imposible for this planet 🌎🌍 🌏 to sustain aaaalllll of us, at this current speed of consumption. For many we are at the beginning of the end; but for me we are all experience a Little Coma. When you think about it and pay attention the reality we all know is for the best.

So let’s have hope that a great future is ahead of us

For this reason I hope you and i can exercise the muscle of ‘HOPE’ and find a way to work together for a bright future.