I don’t know; what are you going to do with this information? BUT regardless of what I used to believe, we have to prepare for the worst!

I don’t know how is even posible to seriously keep promoting this Stupid idea that Earth is Flat.

But is happening!

This short film 🎥 from the Guardian is presenting how good intentioned people are promoting this believe; we have to remember that this is not the only stupid idea out there but this one is spreading and growing.

Today, more and more people are self-convincing that the Planet 🌎 we are all living in; is FLAT. This sounds to me very funny and hilarious, but is alarmingly scary!
Think about it for a moment; this idea came to life in YouTube around 6 years ago. In that moment, I though that was a very interesting mind experiment. I was curious about the story and why people though this way, BUT today is becoming a CULT.


A very scary one, because is a CULT without a Head. This is no King this is no Jonestown, no Dictator, no Government, no-one that you can put a bullet in the head. This is a CULT to the ignorance, and is spreading like a fuc*ing cancer.

Giordano Bruno was an Italian cosmologist, mathematician and Hermetic Philosopher, who was burned to death for proposing Reason and Science. When he observe the possibility that the stars they saw in the night sky were Suns and had there own planets around them.
In the moment he created a new idea he became the enemy of the people.

Ateos usually use stories like this to promote the idea that this type of events were ALWAYS promoted by the Church, but it was not. People did what we all do today, we reject reality and substituted for the most convenient one.

Systems are all collapsing everywhere you look with no exceptions. Des-information is control by the Zombies of the masses. The more I think about it, the more convince I become that humanity is ‘fuc* up”.

I hope that somehow we will find a way to survive, but humanity is running short on time and way many are dealing with this madness is in the fume by the poison of IGNORANCE you start worrying.

Pope Clement VIII ordered that he be sentenced as an impenitent and pertinacious heretic. On February 8, 1600, when the death sentence was formally read to him, he addressed his judges, saying: “Perhaps your fear in passing judgment on me is greater than mine in receiving it.” Not long after, he was taken to the Campo de’ Fiori, his tongue in a gag, and burned alive.

Please read more about his life in Britannica.com