Arigato to my life, for my eyes, my ears, my tongue, for my nose, my hands, my skin…

[Arigato a la vida, por mis ojos, mis oídos, mi lengua, por mi nariz, mis manos, mi piel…]

Arigato to my beautiful Fiancée, for the café, for each kiss in the morning, arigato for the blessings…

[Arigato a mi bella Fiancée por el café, por sus besos en la mañana, arigato por la bendiciones…]

Arigato to life, to the privilege for been Alive. For my eyes that capture the light around me and my brain 🧠 my Beautiful Brain that that effortlessly create imagines for me to interpreter the reality around me.

Arigato to my ears, that allow to hear the voice of the people that I love, to my nose that allow me to smell the sweet vibe of my Weed Coffee… and arigato to my hands that allow to feel life and touch the skin of the women I love.

This morning my Fiancée left earlier and she set the café, with this simple note 📝 that make me feel so grateful for my wonderful life.

Gracias Marytere!