Miriam, one of Leonardos wives my favorite character from “Buscando el Nirvana”my 1st book coming this December 2021. Recently this character called me and advised me to see this movie for the benefit of my writing; Or so i hope, maybe she did it for me, and did not want to say…

Speaking about depression and anxiety is one of the most important aspects of this or any “Conversación”. From these point you can open up any scenario; from the most intimate space in your life, all the way to your L.E.A.N. meting in the morning.

As we go through from this Pandemia 😷 to an Economic Crisis we understand that all of this has eco-effects in our life and can be measured in sorrow and sadness, but also in low quality product/services, higher amount physical and mental illness, and even death. Just to mention few.

My studies have led me to believe that depression and anxiety have a collective impact that will decrease the GDP of our country. Not only is this impact collective but it can have a great impact in your personal life and the life of those you love (in your business, community, Church ⛪️, Sinagogas 🕍 and Mesquites all the way to your Yoga 🧘‍♀️ class).

Speaking about these two words that label different ways our mind works, will open up a door for you and others to find solutions. Currently UN estimates that 703,000 people will end their lives every year. This might only get worse as time passes by because probably over 38, 520 people will try to end their lives today…and tomorrow…and the day after that. Based on WHO, 1% of global deaths are suicide. This means that there are more people’s bodies leaving the Earth than deaths caused by HIV, malaria, breast cancer, war and homicides combined.

Remember we are not machines and you are not A.I., you’re a human being and everything around you is affecting you one way or another. Depression and anxiety are part of the Civilized Society we are all currently living today. When you open a door to speak about this you are increasing the changes of helping someone before the person will ever consider this.


Miriam invited me to see ‘The Dreamseller’, director Jayme Monjardin and cast by César Troncoso and Dan Stuibach. The setting of this story is in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the plot touches the human fiber of any professional or business man.

I invite you to see it with the intention to reflect in your life, and the prices you pay to be a “successful” person. See it with the intention to realize that success and happiness are not in all ways bio-equivalent. Remember that being successful does not make happy, but happiness automatically makes a you a successful human. Please realize that your life counts and you can make a difference in others when you open a door 🚪 of genuine communication in all or any area of your life. You have no idea of what others are going through and sometimes all you need to do is to Listen… to make a difference in someone’s life!

I invite you to share my thoughts with others as an introduction for you to see if someone is in need. Pay attention to your family because for teenagers its highly common to be depressed. Also, people who heavily drink are giving you clues that something is missing in their life.

…and be honest with your self.

Depresion is linked to the feeling of guilt, shame and failure, and if you are the one who needs some help, try to see the movie. If you feel that you are falling or staling, look around you, pay atention we are little ALL bit fucked up, so don’t be so hard on yourselves as the Boss from the Dreamseller is telling all of us.

Little comma will make the difference, in other words if you kill your self you are comminting murder, because you have no idea of how many people will die with you…

See the movie and we talk later!

Let’s choose to the Light you wish to see in the world!