Sometimes I loose hope!, but I am not sure of what it is this thing of hope is made of. I keep wondering why this Blog have not go viral; at the beginning I though that will take time, but two years later… I wonder!

-Am I a good writher? Are this good ideas? Or are they too advanced? Or too shallow?

A friend told me the other day:

– “If you want people to follow you, you have to tell them what they want to hear”.

I replied: – That’s the problem, that’s we have reach this point in civilization, no one wants to talk about this, everybody want’s a change, but nobody want to change. If you go to Tumblr you will see a Kinki community of Swingers and Teens doing and enjoying “La Vida Loca”, as Ricky Martin used to sing.

Tik Tok is all about fun…🤪, like a get away after a stressful day, there is nothing wrong with that.

BUT have you see how many followers this people have?! It wouldn’t bother me if the majority of the people had skills, but is more like the more stupid, more followers and it makes sense. When you really think about it my writing is about seeing what we don’t want to see. On the other hand, make people laugh 😆, is what people wants. Who doesn’t want a big laugh at the end of the day!? It makes perfect sense.

Maybe Pedro is right! Maybe I have to write what people wants to hear…👂

But is not about me! This conversación is about us…

What are we going to do. Today I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful woman, who is a former Md. Coronel from the U.S. Army, currently returning to live on this Beautiful Island. She told me something that worries me in great amount.

-“This new generation is know as the most un-educated”.

Maybe someday I will reach a point that people will follow me because, I dance 🕺🏼 with a lot of Tattoos, and I have twenty something new wifes. Who knows… Things takes time to grow or maybe I need to be humble and learn a new way. Maybe I can invite Bad Bunny to dance with a Kilt; who knows, maybe we can change the lyrics of his music and we can sing, ‘Todo Cambia’ by Mercedes Sosa!

BUT in the meantime… Let me ask you three questions:

1) What is hope for you?

2) Do you have you hope in humanity?

3) and Why?!

I choose to have hope, because of this little person!