but somehow, makes the ideas flow.

If my mind is a river of ideas, cannabis is my laminar flow. It’s a laser beam in steroids, I do not fully understand how helps my Creative Brain 🧠 to get organize but it does. For me, is like a before and after, no wonder, I love it so much.

It’s probably like your iPhone in ‘El Yunque’, in this beautiful Island of San Juan. When you go deep in the mountain⛰, your phone will lose signal, but it does continue working not at the same capacity; you can take photos and more. The first time the phone will re-connect automatically will download and upload data.

This is the best I can describe my ADHD brain in the sweet vibes of cannabinoids.

Hola my name is Hansell and I will change history as we know. At the beginning will not look like much, but ideas will add up ⬆️ in your brain 🧠 and if you practice with me and with us, little by little, one moon at the time, you will move from fear to certainty.

My friend Pedro have been making me really think about this idea of changing the world 🌎, is kind of hard, unless I can create a science 🧫 miracle like the Penciling, X-rays, Pasteurization, etc. There is not much of a change for me to change or influence others in a way that can count as to change the world.

But I will change history as we know it.

It will take me around 108 years to get job done; that if we survive us, from us… But we will! I have faith! Huracán 🌀 Maria gave me the opportunity to observe us, from having, to not… The fear, and the hope… the believing and doing.

I will present you with a social experiment 🔬, a challenge. I will call this ‘experience-ment’, I will choose my team of ‘Doers’, and they will choose to work with me. I will be presenting one story at the time, sometimes I will drive you mad 😡 for the next wrinting to come, or the next ‘clue’, ‘code’ or ‘pass word’, and little by little this idea will help you to be happier with just what you need.

I had been dreaming this for years or so i believe or a ‘download’ came to me when i was meditating 🧘‍♀️ in water; who knows… BUT I tell you this; I did not wanted to write any of this…

Opening up as a Egyptian Freemasson was not an easy decision for me to take, But the pandemia 😷 came and I felt fear of not sharing what I have found…

My fiancée and I are practicing letting go, this month is going to be Netflix, but I have a list of movies, documentary’s, and series like the Good Place, I want you to see. Specially if you want to be happy and move away from depression and anxiety’s.

Please, remember that if you follow me your life will change, one way or another… in the process you will realize that:

“You are responsible for your own happiness y nadie te la va a regalar”

Your life was, is, and always will be in your hands… you can create the dreams you want, the ones you want to experience… just because maybe we are in the Matrix of the Dream World

Remember that every advantage will add up to all other advantage you and i have… and together ‘WE WILL CREATE A HAPPIER LIFE for you, me and the ones we love’, in exchange for your happiness and the promise of changing the world I hope, I plan and i dream 💭 i will be very rich in a very short amount of time… so fast and so impressive that C.E.O from east to west and from west to east, will travel 🧳 to meet and drink café ☕️, probably with some cannabis oil 🍄 or something to lubricate our neurons.

The 5th chapter of the documentary called The Family in Netflix, I want you to see it… Trust me and remember, this is just an invitation. Regardless if you saw it before or if this will be your 1st time, I want you to see the 5th episode (Wolf King) first and pay close attention to your R.N.O., (Resistencia Neuro Observativa).

I will be creating a questionnaire that I will be using in the Blog and the data will be used for the benefit of L.O.K.I. Laboratory’s… I am not sure 🤔 how this social-experiment 🧫 will be developing, but I hope we will enjoy the ride.

This is the link for 🤞
“The Family” on Netflix, REMEMBER 5th episode. The title is: Wolf King.