In the business environment is not so easy to speak about what we really believe; specially when you are part of a medium or big corporation. It makes business sense to be neutral about this topics, but you are not the business that somehow you represent. At the end, you are just another human been, doing your best to survive/alive, to be successful and to be happy.

I am a simple man, in a small planet, in a small sea, in a small island 🏝 that have the potential to change everything. I speak freely and respectful, I have a wonderful fiancée that help write ✍️ all this futuristics ideas in ‘la Frontera del Conocimiento’, about ‘33 Wife’s’, that call me Esposo, finding the perfect Job in the Cannabis Industry and many others interesting creative writing type of red/blue pill from the Matrix type of game, for you to see you mind finding your R.O.N. (Resistencia Neuro Observativa), or ‘experience-ments’.

Please, remember that I am using Neuro-Science to paint 🎨 new believes in your subconscious self with the intention to see what it is; from what it is not and i HOPE this will help you to be a happier person every day.

Regardless of what we believe about god and religions, we need to understand a few things:

1) Religion will influence you as a human being, your focus market and your HR, therefore; and somehow they are part of your business or the business your supply from. At the end everything is influence by religion.

2) Whatever you believe about god or a god is influencing the way you make decisions, without your rational part of your brain 🧠 noticing. I am opening a back door for you to speak about this from a honest and proactive point of view. Please keep in mind that humanity is Shifting, so pay attention to the details of this conversation. Because every small advantage will add up to your success and happiness.

I don’t think that having no religion is for everyone but it is for me. Lately, I have been speaking about a Man that was born in Nazareth, in the Middle East, Africa. For many, this man is call Jesús, for other Yeshua; many claim to have the ONLY Truuuth about him.

BUT!, Who was this man and what he represent for us in the 21st century?

The story of this man have influenced so many of us in so many ways, just to give you two examples:The story of the healing technique that we call Reiki, started as a conversation between a student and a teacher in Japan. Also Paramahansa Yogananda used to speak about him with devotion and respect.

I don’t claim to know a lot about this Man from Nazaret, BUT he was an in-flu-en-cer! He change history as we know it, and I think you and i can learn from him, or so I hope.

He did believe that his action will speak louder if he was congruent. We know that he likes to Meditate 🧘‍♀️, to be quiet, to be in silence; probably to follow his Intuition, his G.P.S., his little voice speaking to him. We know he had a purpose and intention, he saw a system of believes that wasn’t working and he made an stand with the intention and determination to change a system that was not working.

This action inspired me to write about him.

In the business environment, we had been using and abusing the power of Neuro-Marketing, we had been getting so damn good at it; but look the price your children’s and mine are going to pay for our mistakes.

I write to you today to invite you to think and meditate; I honestly believe that Religions regardless of their color and claims, are optionals. You and I can be happy with or without religions, that somehow are weaker and weaker every year. But God…!

Can we be happy without a god? I don’t know, for some of us may be possible. but at the end is as Md. Joe Dispenza, mentioned once. – “That little voice, that you can hear in the background is the Divine, speaking… and you can’t deny it”.

If you ask me if God exist; i will have to be humble and tell you that I don’t know; but i believe in something Divine. I am not sure of what it is; but is part of being HAPPY! Is probably a great Mystery, like a little voice inside of our self that remind us to choose to be the best version we can be. And some how we are all looking for a way to be fully happy.

Don’t we?!

Sometimes happiness is found in the most simple things!