Because we are all in pain!

Let’s face it people; you are probably a successful person but, are you happy?!

I am writing to you because I need your help to change the current Neuro-Marketing system to a:
* V-Marketing and Sistema-V. (I will explain this later).

i AM alive in a small island, in a small sea, in a small planet and I have a brilliant idea, about how to be happy in a sustainable economy. But first things first…

Let’s get to know each other and speak honestly and openly about depression in the working environment. If you are depressed or experiencing anxiety attacks is unlikely for you to re-post, due to the way we may feel around the idea of being sad or feeling without control.

On the other hand we all know sadness is a biological unbalance, that can happen to anyone regardless of the power or success you are dreaming or experiencing. Most of the people, specially a man will avoid speaking about this topic.

So, if you want to help others, it will be good for you to Re-Post and Share this in all the ways you can. Like pay it forward, type of intention.

Just because we are not used to speak about the way we ‘feel’ in a business environment, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. Let’s face it, we have no idea of what is going to happen, this Pandemia had been teaching humbleness to all of us. Today more than ever we need jobs and business, that have meaning and purpose in and for our life; because life is short, is urgent to keep it in balance.

We all are experiencing a Great Shift in all industries with no exception. Don’t you think is also time for a new conversation, with new ways of thinking, communication, listening and to find solutions?!

Hola my name is Hansell O. Marrero I am an expert in Sublime communication, I used neuro-science to implant ideas in peoples mind. Please remember that ideas are like seeds, they need time to grow. Unfortunately, we are running out of time to save us from humanity; this include your job, business and income. We should better start the basic concepts of this conversation.

Depression and specially ANXIETY have a high cost in all company regardless of the size, culture, industry and many other variables/demographics.

People are not machines, you are not a Machine, you are not an A.I., you are a human being, living a biological human experience; in a planet that is changing faster than HR can adapt to the new trends.

There is an unseen cost related to this topics. Let me give you a small picture of the problem; around 400 million people will plan how to end their life this year. Because my intention is not to speak about the problem, I rather focus in the solution. I am writing in a in/formal way because, i AM looking for a way to communicate with ‘the gate keepers of your emotions’.

This new system of V-Marketing that I am developing, is not designed to be explained, but to be discovered. I am an Hypnosis Therapist and Subconscious/Mind communication expert; and I am developing a experiment… a Social Experiment 🔬 I call it ‘28 Days’ in which you will use your own life as an ‘experience-ment’.

I am using every tool to communicate with your subconscious mind regardless of your political/religion, sexual preferences, intellectual IQ/ type of intellect or ethical background, or regardless of where you are in the planet.

Please keep in mind that your brain 🧠 and mine are very similar, because of this we can start moving from been sad and anxious to a happy life in a very short amount of time.

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* ‘Sistema-V’ es mi herramienta favorita para poder capitalizar sobre las ventajas competitivas que ofrece el cerebro 🧠 de la persona que habla inglés y español sobre el que habla solamente inglés.

[Sistema V is for your company, to benefits from the advantage that have a Neuro-Diversify Brain that speak Spanish and English. Bilingual brains have and use CREATIVITY to find new solutions for you and your business.