… the same way we can not avoid life!

When I first star to study the concept of Buddhism I had a mix understanding between “el pecado”, or the concept of sin and the concept of Karma. For some reason I used to believe that Karma was some type of translation for ‘punishment’, but that is not Karma.

Karma could be discribe in many ways but for me is something like this:

“Karma is the realizacion that everything you do and all you do not do, have an reaction in the membraine of space/time, as you know it. Creating a eco in your life; something like a Surfer 🏄‍♂️ who choose or not choose to get in a Wave”.

Karma is the expression of anything and everything, is like the beginning and the end of the moment. It’s like the frame of a movie 🎥. Each frame is related to the one before and the one after is related to this current moment of you reading me. Karma is not to be understood but to be realize, is not a concept but a ‘realization’.

Another way for you to see it, is by seeing what we don’t typically see or play attention to:

The electricity you used to power this device is creating a green house effect in the Bio-Systems around us, it may be small but measurable. The food you are digesting in your gut right now is creating a Karma for you. Your love ones and the bacterias 🦠 in your goats are creating your serotonin and cortisol level in your body afecting how you perceive reality in your brain.

If you want to understand Karma you need to see that everything is affecting everything else; it may be an small eco but is part of the ALL.

ONE last thought!

We all know that they are hard times ahead of us. But we have the power to Shift things, no matter were you are you have the power to create good Karma for you and the ones you love. In other words:

You have the power to choose the Karma you create in your life!

The following is a ‘experience-ment’:

Let me ilustrated this way:

Just take a 33 seconds to view outside of this screen for a moment…, now look at your hands, look around you… imagine you expand your arms… now and only if it’s safe and you don’t look stupid 😅… Stand up and walk around you axis… smell your hands, your cloth and the air around you.

…and now ask yourself!

If you had the opportunity to wakeup from the dream world, Will like to wake up?!

The word Karma is used as the password in the Temple were the Ancient One instruted Dr. Strange in Doctor Strange Marvel Movie 2016 🎥. For many the word Karma represente punishment.