Hi! My name is Hansell and I am chageing the world 🌎 one story at the time. I will like to present to you how we can apply all this conversation to the business minds of my country and your and you will see, how the Magic of a believe works…

Some basic concept before we continue:

1) Humanity is in the most important shift since the beginning of the industrialization.

2) They are 3 basic forces that are integrated in all countries Politics, Religions and Business. Together they create the reality we live in our curent civilization. You change one you will change all the others.

3) Humanity have far less time of sustainable fishing 🎣 in our Oceans that we could ever imagined . We do not know if my plan is going to work, but we need to star somewhere. Because we are running out of time ⌛️ and every day count. SO lets explain less and do more!

…y como me decia una amiga Mejicana: “Si no cambias te va a chupar la Bruja”, así que reconozcamos las ventajas que Puerto Rico tiene y re-escribamos el futuro de nuestra Isla and the Caribbean!


I. Step UNO! Are you in or are you out?! You need to be honest with your self. Being part of the solution is important for you or not… Are you committed or not…

That simple! In other words this conversation is for the doers and the believers!

II. Will you like to integrate your effort and needs (as human and as Enterprise), with a group of visionarys and believers of all over the planet 🌎 🌍 🌏 …!?!!

III. Are you willing to let go being right nor left and meet me in the Center!?!! If you say yes to this…

YOU will change your life in far less time that you can ever imagine. Gaaraantiizaadó!!!

So, where do we STAR 💫!?!!

Well lets beging in Rincón, PR. This small town is one of my favor from the west cost. You will find an integrated community of Surfer, visitors and residents from United States of America 🇺🇸 in a unique mix culture betwen us and them. You can see the Sunset 🌅 from their coust and mountain ⛰ and for some reason the Cannabis butlers and costumers mingle with each others in the Galleries Nights on Thursdays and Sundays mornings in Mercado Libre.

In this Journey a had the opportunity to meet Micku from Wild Guru, if everything goes in well, I will interview her and her life partner and their stories on how to make this planet a better place.

In the mean time…

Allow your mind to dream!

We all know we are all in plain and many of us, are accusing and yelling to others but I believe that the moment you star
💫 seen the light in yourself, you will star seeing the ligh in others.