2021/03/14 @ 09:14 AST/May
L.K.P. Awake and seen…

We have limited amount of time, so I will be short and as clear as I possibly can. We will die! You and I are “not going to be here forever”, there’s nothing we can do about it, except to accept and train for that transition.

(As soon I have the video edited will be link here).

The other day I made a video using my bear trimmed and not trim with the intention to describe duality and the perception of the Self. When I started shaving 🪒 part of my face, something remarkable happened. I saw my face hairless, probably like a “Monje Budista” 😅😳🙁. It was interesting to feel to let go my Blogger or Personal Branding face, while I was recording myself in the process.

BUT the real Miracle happened when I realized that my face is aging. This body that I once thought was mine or that I was this body, is aagiiing…!!!

I felt soo fuc7ing happy to see it!

That moment, I realized the real meaning of Impermanent. We all know that this life is transitional, we may not be happy with each other believes or definition about what 😮 will happen after we die, BUT we all know we are going to die…
Sooner or later the Gate Keeper between this world 🌎 and the other 🌈 will come knocking on my door 🚪; if I am lucky 🍀 enough I will be ready or so, I hope.

During this Pandemia 😷 I have lost the fear to speak freely; but I also lost the fear of dying and aging. In this process, I feel incredibly humble and small compare to this Universe and passionate for the Un-Known.

This Life is a remarkable gift 💝 BUT is not the only gift we have… We are just traveler 🧳 between here and there… this place or plane of existence, or experience is not ALL…

There is more!

We may not know what it is on the other side or where it is THERE but we feel it and we believe we are more than this Impermanent body.

Seeing and realizing this body is aging and being at peace ☮️ is what I could describe as real freedom. If you are a Matrix fan this is what Morpheus was describing as “freeing your mind”.

2020/03/17 @ 09:54 AST/Cabo Rojo
L.K.P. Happy and sad, awake and sleep… Who knows! Hahaha