My name is Hansell I write as Gretels brother, hire in this “la Gran Conversación”; i AM using knowledge i have found from Egiptian Fremasony to Budism, to P.N.L. (NeuroMarketing), L.E.A.N., Coaching and many others like Ayaguasca and the Curse of Miracles.

Yes! All of that pack in this conversation…

BUT when you really think about it is not much but enough to help us know that we can change our beliefs in just 28 Days. Just remember that believes are like furniture 🪑 it’s easier to move them around when we respect each other opinion and contributions. Having say that:

I am writing ✍️ this blog with the intention to inpire YOU to see that WE still have hope to change the future of humanity 🌎 and most importantly to take action because every day count.

Including this one!

So let’s all beging with the basics.

Fear is running 🏃‍♀️ our life’s; I did not see it at the beginning but little before the election 2020 hire in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and USA 🇺🇸. I was worry and consern for the future to come, during this METHA-morfosis I did something unthinkable and for the 1st time in my life I did not vote 🗳. In the process something remarcable happen:

I saw: the colective fear!

Probably fear is running your life in almost every aspect of your desicion process. Most of the times you or someone you know is looking for a way way to avoid pain, we are so used it that is nearly impossible to see it.

BUT is there and we need to STOP IT!

Have you ever heard “as below as above, as above as below”, Well your individual fear is part of the colective fear. This is the reason why we can change humanitys future in less than one generation.

See it this way:

“Your individual happyness is part of the colective happyness”
. This detail is very important, your individual happyness will inspire and ignite the happyness of your six clousers friends/family.

Fear is the fuel ⛽️ that many of us use, to take the most basic decisions in our life’s; to the most relevant, but YOU can change. What’s the worst could happen if you change your fears for hope?!!!

Think 🤔 about for a moment!

Fears makes you believe that the worst could happen and hope makes you believe that the best could happen. Let’s say for a moment that data proof that you have on average 50/50 change in eather believe to become real. But HOPE brings you something that fear is tacking away.


So you may ask your self:

How do I or we move from fear to faith to certainty?

…with hope!

Hope you can fuel ⛽️ your day with Oxitoxins a very power full drug, with no side effects except the beginning of a happy life!

In the last Full Moon 2021/02/28 in the mountain 🏔 of Cayey, PR., In the house of a Great Shamman call Muni at la Casita Azul Violeta; we had the opportunity to reflect in a small ceremony call the “7 friend’s”. Let me ask something… Are you bringing happyness to your friends and love ones?!
Alberto Muni Valls es mi Chamman por admiración y respeto ✊ I wouldn’t be the happies person i know without him. Muni fue discipulo de OSHO, a sus 75 años baila alrededor del fuego 🔥 mejor que mi Novia 😅 i feel so grateful of life for the gift 🎁 of knowing Muni. Estoy cabronamente agradecido a la vida por el regalo 💝 de conocerle.
Every time your brain 🧠 is in front of a wood 🪵 fire 🔥 will experience a shift perception, probably from stress to relaxation. So! Make sure you don’t miss the next opportunity for you to recalibrate your brain with your inner/self.

Cada vez que tu cerebro 🧠 esta frente a una fogata 🔥 de madera 🪵 va a experimentar un cambio de percepcion, probablemente del stress a la relajacioon. Así que! Asegurate de no perderte la proxima oportunidad para recalibrar tu cerebro con yo/interno.

Note: 2021/oct7 @ 22:51 re-edition and working on: Can we be happy without religion? I just up date the believe from 40 to 28 Days.