Today, 3 years 4 months and 4 days, after Hurricane Maria re-wrote our history; I did something that will eco for the eternity of this conversation 😃. I did stand alone and is not easy. I realized that there is no need to stand alone, there’s no winning side in us versus THEM. Today I invite you to realize that: We are stronger when we Stand Together!

Today when I was getting ready to work in the development of a system that I like to call 40 Days, a program that help me to be a better person; and I hope it can do the same for you; meters away from my Ghompa, I heard a saw 🪚 machine; when I came down to speak with the staff of workers, a big tree was falling in front of me. I have the tendancy to be overdramatic, please believe me when I say that I felt the sadness just like when I watched the Tree of Life falling in the Avatar movie for the first time. This tree was the home for many “cotorra peregrina” birds and some others who stop by; so beautiful to look, enjoy and hear every day.

I tried to deal with the situation and safe what was left, I spoke to some guys from the staff, a crew of 30 men approximately. I explained them that we will not have tomorrow for our children if we don’t find new ways to treat and take care of nature, our Gaia and this beutifull Island 🏝 that we all love so much.

I show them my phone and the story of my friend Ali from Turkey, who last week sent me pictures from their coast, and told me how they are trowing garbage to the sea. In the conversation sharing someone mention that that garbage 🗑 from Venezuela 🇻🇪 is reaching our cost. I don’t know if this is possible, so I doing my best to reach an Oceonographer from the “Colegio de Mayagüez”.

I told them that this past sunday, Askar Ali Eanath from India contacted me and togeher they are helping me to understand the problem of human behavior and the impact on the our planet 🌏 .

Askar is promoting the idea of Health Happiness. They are part of my team of thinkers and visionaries. We believe that is possible to change, on time, for the benefit of our next generation.

I did not enjoy my Stand Alone but for at least a moment I made them stop ✋ and think 🤔 about their actions (yours and mine). The funny and interesting happen, when I did return later the crew leather thank me and that was my payoff. They were as concern as me about the future of this planet 🌏 we call home.

Probably in the city you are living you will find many opportunities to change and improve, just that is not us vs them… It’s just us, You and me working together, finding solutions one day at the time.

Note: This is the link related to the event.